Support Ministries


OLA Parish invite you to get involved in the various Support Ministries listed below:

OLA Linen Team

The Linen Team at OLA perform one of the more invisible ministries that keep our busy parish humming along.
Once a week, a small bag of small mass linens is collected by a dedicated volunteer in our parish. These small linen pieces are prepared for laundering, washed and then ironed and returned to the sacristy for use during the celebration of the Mass. 
This ministry is carried out in quiet and prayerful reverence, as we are laundering and preparing materials that are used in the liturgy. These linens take on the sacred character based on the sacred function they fulfil. We therefore treat them with enormous care and respect. The whole process (apart from the washing that can be done in a normal washing machine) takes about an hour. At the moment, we each take a turn once every 10 weeks.

Unlike most ministries, this one is very flexible as it is carried out in your own home, and in your own time throughout the week the mass linens are with you.  No special materials or equipment is required, and full training will be provided.
If this sounds like a ministry you may be interested in, I would love to have a chat with you about it.
Karen Yee at 0438008228 or email at

Social Committee

Our social committee is lucky enough to have a great role in the parish. We get to plan all the fun events that bring our parish together and bring so much joy to the whole parish! Join our committee to be a part of the fun planning of special events like the annual fiesta, dinner dance, the Christmas party and more. Our committee have a great time planning these events and we welcome you to join us.

When being a part of our committee you are not expected to attend every event, that’s the great thing about our committee everyone helps in their own way and time to make the events special.

Morning Tea

The ministry for morning tea has been running since the very beginning of our Parish. We provide morning tea after the 10am Mass each Sunday. It is a fantastic way to grow community spirit, providing the opportunity for adults and children to get to know each other better. Our children also can use the playground at this time, and the parents find that this is a great incentive for them to participate in the Mass more fully. Our morning tea volunteers come 15 minutes before Mass is due to start, so they can set up the kitchen. Morning tea runs for about 45 minutes after Mass, and we normally have at least two people working together. It is a great way to meet other parishioners.

Get Involved

Everyone is welcome to join our parish Support Ministries.

Register your interest by downloading and completing this form: Expression of Interest to Volunteer

If you would like to get involved with a liturgical ministry or if you have any further questions regarding our liturgical ministries, please feel free to contact us at the parish office at 88834063 or email at: