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The facilitation of the Sacramental Program has been conscientiously carried out by parishioners who devote their time to help teach the children of our Parish the importance, relevance, and reasoning for the Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation – and Reconciliation/Penance.

The facilitator’s role is a rewarding and enjoyable role. Materials are already prepared and provided for facilitators to use during all sessions which amount to approximately 5 sessions per Sacrament, rehearsals and, of course, the Sacramental Mass itself.

This ministry is of paramount importance to the evangelisation and continued development of the children’s faith journey which all starts with the teachings of their parents. Children are welcomed to the program to reinforce what they have already been taught by their parents and expand upon their knowledge of the sacraments and their faith generally within a community environment. It is also an opportunity for parents to renew and/or grow their knowledge about their faith.

At the relevant age for each Sacrament, being a Parish based program, an invitation to attend the program is extended within and beyond our own Parish Schools, including children in our local public schools and other schools that are known as schools which children within our Parish attend.

This worthwhile ministry welcomes volunteers to become facilitators. A Working with Children Check and Safeguarding course is required to be completed to join this ministry. If you wish to consider helping, please contact us.


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Everyone is welcome to join the Sacramental Team.

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