Baptism is not a formality – It is the Sacrament on which our very faith is founded, and which grafts us as a living member onto Christ and his Church. Together with the Eucharist and Confirmation it forms what is known as “Christian initiation”, like one great sacramental event that configures us to the Lord and turns us into a living sign of his presence and of his love.
Excerpts from the general audience of Pope Francis, January 2014

Baptisms at Our Lady of the Angels are conducted communally in our Parish and are on most Sundays throughout the year at 11:30 am.

Attendance at a Baptism Seminar is compulsory before Baptizing your child.
The Baptism Seminar is conducted on the last Sunday of the month at 11 AM.

Registration for Baptism is to be made via telephone appointment only. Please contact the Parish Office on 02 8883 4063 to register for Baptism.

Parish Office

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