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Our Lady of the Angels Rouse Hill Catholic School

Our Diocese

Catholic Diocese of Parramatta home page.

Catholic Outlook

Catholic Outlook is the official publication of the Diocese of Parramatta. The magazine is distributed monthly, 11 issues per year. Circulation is 40,000 copies through 80 Catholic schools and 47 parishes.

The Universalis

The Liturgy of the Hours (also known as the Divine Office) is the richest single prayer resource of the Christian Church. It provides prayers, psalms and meditation for every hour of every day. It has existed from the earliest times, to fulfil the Lord’s command to pray without ceasing. Never monotonous, always new, it provides the means for the whole world, united, to pray together and sanctify every hour of every day of every year. All over the world, hundreds of thousands of priests and religious have vowed to pray the Liturgy daily, and all over the world they do, in public and in private, in tin shacks and cathedrals, in palaces and in prison camps.


Zenit is a non-profit international news agency comprising a team of professionals and volunteers who are convinced of the extraordinary richness of the Catholic Church’s message, particularly its social doctrine. The ZENIT team sees this message as a light for understanding today’s world.

World Youth Day

World Youth Day is the largest youth event in the world and will be held in Sydney from 15-20 July 2008.
Organised by the Catholic Church, World Youth Day gathers young people from around the world to build bridges of friendship and hope between continents, peoples and cultures. In August 2005, Sydney was chosen to host the XXIII World Youth Day. The announcement was made by Pope Benedict XVI in Cologne at the conclusion of the XX World Youth Day in August 2005.

EWTN TV Channel

Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) featuring Catholic Q and A, a Catholic Document Library, an Audio Library, Catholic News, a daily Catholic podcast, programming information for EWTN Television and WEWN radio.

Opus Dei

Finding God in daily life. Opus Dei is a Catholic institution founded by Saint Josemaría Escrivá. Its mission is to spread the message that work and the circumstances of everyday life are occasions for growing closer to God, for serving others, and for improving society.

Society of Jesus

The Australian members of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, welcome the many friends and colleagues who share our life, work, prayer and decision-making. Together we companions of the Australian Jesuit Province are discovering a shared Ignatian identity, spirit and mission. Together we provide an Ignatian presence across Australia, Asia and Oceania, and wherever Australian and New Zealand Jesuits live and work.

Caritas Australia

Caritas Australia is the Catholic agency of international aid and development. The Latin word Caritas means love and compassion. Qualities that are central to our work. Caritas Australia belongs to an international network called Caritas Internationalis. Caritas Internationalis is one of the largest aid and development agencies in the world comprising a network of 162 Catholic relief aid, development and social service organisations working to build a better world, especially for the poor and oppressed, in over 200 countries and territories.

De La Salle Brothers

Brother, where art thou? The De La Salle Brothers have launched an extraordinary new website. Becoming a Brother opens up a life of incredible adventure, exciting challenge, adversity and purpose, but it isn’t the first lifestyle choice most people consider. Maybe it’s right for someone you know? Or even you. To find out, visit their website.