COVID-19 Update 19-Sep

Categories: General

Some COVID changes and reminders…..

  • Booking into Mass via for weekend masses (no need to book for weekday masses)
  • Registration is required with the COVIDTracer (QR Code). By registering you are acknowledging ourHealth and Hygiene measure in the church. You will also continue sanitizing and social distancing. One of our Covid Marshalls can assist where necessary.
  • Temperatures are no longer required to be checked.
  • The wearing of face masks (under Health NSW Guidelines) are highly recommended butnot mandatory.
  • The pew in front and the one sitting on are to be cleaned when leaving the church.
  • If you are Displaying symptoms of Coronavirus, such as coughing, running nose orfever; Self-isolating or you are living with someone who is self-isolating DO NOT come to church.
  • Return to your car at the completion of mass.


Author: OLA Admin